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Chi siamo

    About us    

The first Social Cooperative of the Padana Plain born on November 21, 2017 in Isola Serafini, the only inhabited island of the Po River.
A group of young people came together to tell the story of a forgotten place,
that is from hand to hand extinguishing, to give voice to the local community
and see the island reborn in that incredible cultural, natural, social wealth
told by the historical memory of the country.




Promotion of the territory


Collaborations and Projects

Local events focused on slow mobility in close contact with nature and the recovery of traditions through courses of typical Piacenza cuisine.

Environmental education activities for schools and summer camps aimed at knowledge of the river landscape and current natural emergencies.

Planning in place with the Municipalities and realities of the territorial realities for the enhancement of the local tourist network.


    The Island   

"A lot of undecided spaces, without function on which it is difficult to put a name.
[… ] A single point in common: all constitute a territory of refuge for diversity"

The Manifesto of the Third Landscape

Gilles Clément



Discover all the latest news published on Isola dei tre ponti, press review,

nterviews and participations from our birth to today!


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