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    The Founders    

Eight native islanders and acquired islanders.

Together we form the group of Isola dei tre ponti, born from the desire to tell the outside world the uniqueness of Serafini Island, small reality of Province of Piacenza, through the eyes of those who live daily.

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    The Project    

The project Serafini Island promotes the enhancement of rural areas in abandonment in the village of Isola Serafini, small agricultural community of the Municipality of Monticelli d’Ongina, in the Province of Piacenza. The characteristic morphology of this territory is of particular interest within a wider framework, which sees in the foreground the river Po, a determining element for the structure and the landscape changes suffered over time.


The present conditions of degradation and gradual halt of rural development in this area have led a group of young residents to start a participatory planning activity in which, through the union of several different skills, it seeks to constitute a common interest, aimed at the qualitative regeneration of an area that reserves a great potential landscape for tourist purposes and identifies itself as the only reality of this type in the context of the river in Emilia and Lombardy Region.

This will goes far beyond the simple affective factor, identifying itself in a real position in favour of a territorial rebirth that re-evokes and at the same time renewing the traditions of the past, which slowly dispersed together with the value of this land.


To give life to an island also means to restore the relationship with the only element that can circumscribe it, that is the water, the river, that in this particular context plays the double role of source of sustenance and destructive and frightening force.

The great catastrophes that followed in time have progressively driven away the inhabitants of the great river, cancelling from hand to hand the daily activities that animated it, until reaching a complete and definitive state of abandonment.

l'isola_Tavola disegno 1_Tavola disegno

The realization of this reality lays the foundations for an important project, inspired by the desire to see Serafini Island reborn, bringing it back to the splendor of past times.
There is no better knowledge than those who daily live their land, which is why the inhabitants themselves want to convey the importance of this initiative, telling through their eyes what surrounds them.

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